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AS250 avionics: from SPOT-6 to Biomass, a success story
X.L. Langevin, C.B. Bonneau
Presented at:
Salzburg 2017
Full paper:

From SPOT-6 launch, in September 2012, the AS250 avionics has been embedded in more than ten Airbus Defence and Space satellites, in orbit or in development. Versatile by design, its GNC algorithms now perfectly answers the Low Earth Orbit satellite needs, would it be Optical Earth observation or Science missions. This Airbus Defence and Space AS250 avionics product is adaptive, and can be configured with structural options like gyros or not, wheels or control-momentum gyroscopes... It fits the whole range of satellites, from small export satellite to institutional programs, bringing flight-proven solutions that give unique performance in the satellite market: perpetual autonomous safe mode without propellant consumption, thruster fault-tolerant orbit control mode, high precision attitude estimation, fine attitude pointing, and high agility. Actively used and developed by Airbus Defence and Space teams in three European countries (GB, FR, ES), the AS250 avionics can be double sourced on a large range of equipment, allowing the best fit for each mission and adapted to the right level of geo-return. From CHEOPS and MERLIN to BIOMASS, through Sentinel 5 Precursor or export satellites, the AS250 avionics embeds first-class GNC algorithms in continuous improvement, making this GNC family a true success story.