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Gyroless AOCS for observations and science applications on LEO
M. Alvarado, J.L. Beaupellet, P. Samson, D. Brethé, G. Chamberland, A. Dumortier
Presented at:
Salzburg 2017
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Since the development of Proteus, its first product line dedicated to observation and science on Low Earth Orbit, Thales Alenia Space has engaged improvement of the LEO AOCS. Various improvement ways have been considered depending on the targeted performances. One of them is the removing of gyroscope sensor in order to optimize the hardware cost for medium performances missions. The paper will present the evolution of the Thales Alenia Space AOCS for medium performances observation and science applications on LEO - Previous generation: Proteus platform with medium performance gyro used during nominal mission - Current generation: LEO observation platform with a coarse rate sensor (not used during nominal mission launched in 2016, example of S3A mission with in flight experience will be described) - Next generation: Platforms currently in development by Thales Alenia Space with a complete gyro less configuration (S3C/D, SWOT, ….)