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SPC for space, science fiction or reality
J.a.p. Leijtens, A. los, S. Schmidt, J.M.U. Uittenhout
Presented at:
Salzburg 2017
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Lens R&D is specialized in the design and development of high reliability sunsensors for space and terrestrial applications. Core properties of these sensors are, that they can be cost effectively and reliably produced in larger quantities. Currently an Artes 3.4. program is running aimed at optimising the production for use on large constellations and the accuracy of sunsensors without the use of a calibration table. During this program >100 sunsensors will be build in three batches, calibrated and analysed to see where the production can be improved, which production yields are obtained and which accuracy can be guaranteed without using the commonly used calibration table. First indications are that the sensors can be used to replace coarse sunsensors at the expense of four inputs per sensor and a smaller field of view. Advantages of this approach however would be an increased accuracy, two axis sensing, less albedo sensitivity, no need to do a temperature compensation and the ability to use the same sensors and interfaces for both coarse and fine sunsensing. The presentation will focus on using statistical process control for assembly optimisation, the outcome of the Artes project (which should be finished before the conference) and status and results of the production optimisation.