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Detailed FDI Analysis of AOCS Mode
Brethé, D.; Dellandrea, B.; Guiotto, A.; Jansson, R.
Presented at:
Porto 2014
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The AOCS FDIR is very often reused from one program to another with potential add-ons for specific mission requirements. In addition, the detail FDIR development often comes late in the project, with the possibility to cause some flaws in the architectural design, resulting in potential loss of observability, response time and availability. The objective of the "Detailed FDI Analysis of AOCS Mode" study is to include FDIR features early in the definition of the AOCS, as payload constraints, debris mitigation regulations or end-of-life disposal. The development of this activity will go along with improvement of the redundancy scheme of the AOCS hardware, concentrating on efficient detection and isolation, reliability and availability of the subsystem. The subsystem and RAMS analyses will strongly interact during this development. For this purpose a LEO mission is taken as a baseline, and the FDIR is optimized in order to maximize the availability of the mission and the probability to perform the final de-orbitation maneuvers. Improvements are brought in the process so that the complete AOCS function and its FDIR are tested in simulation as one entity.