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ALTS Localization System of VEGA Launcher: VV02 Post-Flight Analysis and GPS Issues for Future Hybrid Navigation
Roux, C.; Melara, M.
Presented at:
Porto 2014
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The present paper is aimed at providing an overview of the Autonomous Localization and Telemetry Sub System (ALTS S/S) that successfully flew on board of VEGA launch vehicle as "passenger" of VV02 PROBA-V mission. After a short recall on the program milestones, the S/S is presented in its avionics configuration, with all the components depicted in their use and qualification achieved. The exploitation of the data collected during the flight is shown, in order to evaluate the performances obtained and their correlation with respect to the data coming from Inertial Navigation System (INS); a reconstruction of errors affecting the inertial platform is then also proposed. In the final part of the paper, the future development of the ALTS program are illustrated, both from an avionic point of view, with the presentation of the Autonomous Localization System (ALS) that will fly on the next VV04 IXV (Intermediate Experimental Vehicle) mission, and both in terms of suitable INS/GPS hybridization strategies to be implemented on VEGA evolution, comparing their drawbacks and advantages.