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The V&V Problematic for Launchers: Current Practice and Potential Advantages on the Application of Modern Analysis Techniques
Marcos, A. ; Penin, L.F. ; Caramagno, A. ; Roux, C. ; Rotunno, M. ; Joos, H.D. ; Bennani, S.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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Current launchers V&V processes typically address probabilistic time domain requirements through Monte Carlo campaigns or a set of selected worst cases while addressing frequency domain requirements through a set of predefined vertex cases. These approaches suffer inherent difficulties, such as discretization of the payload/flight-time, while most often times yielding overtly conservative results. For example, when the parameters must be considered uncorrelated, due to the need to ensure worst case margins over the full parameter scattering. This article presents an assessment of the current launcher V&V gaps and proposes a general enhanced V&V framework based on the use of modern analysis techniques.