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Feasibility Analysis for re-use Vega Electro-Mechanical Thrust Vector Control S/S onto New Propulsive Stages
Potini, A.; Martini, G.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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VEGA is the new small European launcher designed to cope with a wide range of missions and payload configurations. VEGA has been designed as a single body launcher with three solid propulsion stages and an additional liquid propulsion upper module used for attitude and orbit control, and satellite release. Proposals for the evolution of propulsion stages, aimed at enlarging the range of feasible trajectories and/or increase the payload capability, are presently under study. In the present paper, a feasibility study aimed at verifying the possibility to re-use VEGA Thrust Vector Control system following evolution of the second propulsive stage is provided, with particular emphasis on the actuation geometry aspects.