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Fiber Optic Gyro based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) designed for the Space Industry's Demand for a High-quality, High-reliability, Long Life Commercial IMU.
Sewell, J. ; Sanders, S.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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Honeywell Space Systems Division has successfully completed initial product development of a next generation Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) based on Long-Life Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (IFOG). The design, build, and test phase of an Engineering Development Unit (EDU) for this IMU, nicknamed Spirit, is on plan to complete in Summer 2011. The Spirit is designed to complement the Honeywell Miniature Inertial Measurement Unit (MIMU) system currently in production by providing a much longer operating life, along with significantly improved performance. The Spirit consists of four IFOGs mounted on a thermally stabilized sensor block assembly, four gyro support electronics modules, a redundant bank of 4 accelerometers, and a redundant system-electronics scheme. The gyros and support assembly are housed in an aluminum chassis forming a complete three-axis IMU providing continuous sensor angle data to a spacecraft host processor over a 15 year mission life. Optional accelerometers assist with orbit maneuvers. This paper provides an overview of the Spirit system along with the test results of the EDU.