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How Planck AOCS behaved: Commisioning Early Orbit and Pointing Manoeuvres
Zorita, D. ; Agenjo, A. ; Llorente, S. ; Chlewicki, G. ; Cocito, A. ; Rideau, P. ; Thuerey, S. ; Watson, C. ; McDonald, A. ; Mueck, M. ; de Bruin, J.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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After some 10 years of development, Planck was successfully launched on May 2009. The AOCS behaves perfectly. The SC is seen to keep its attitude within the safe domains properly, to perform the trajectory manoeuvres with high autonomy, and to point towards the targets with extreme accuracy. This paper presents commissioning of Planck AOCS, held along 3 months at the European Space Operations Center. It gives the findings and features encountered.