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Introducing the SGR-ReSI: A Next Generation Spaceborne GNSS Receiver for Navigation and Remote-Sensing
de Vos van Steenwijk, R. ; Unwin, M. ; Jales, P.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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This paper presents the latest development in SSTL’s successful SGR range of Space GNSS Receivers. The SGR-ReSI (Remote Sensing Instrument) is a highly versatile and uniquely capable GNSS receiver that has been designed with the low-cost, microsatellite market in mind. Based on COTS parts, the SGR-ReSI builds on the expertise SSTL and SSC have developed in the field of GNSS signals, navigation and remote sensing from Low Earth Orbit. We look at some of the key features of the SGR-ReSI and the results of testing of the prototype hardware that has been developed. Additionally, we will present some of the novel algorithms and techniques for data processing and remote sensing that are currently in development. Finally, we will look at the plans for exploitation of the new instrument and the preparations for an early flight opportunity on a technology demonstration satellite mission funded by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board known as TechDemoSat-1.