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Integrated Navigation System of Satellites on Geostationary and high-elliptical Orbits, operating under Influence of the Artificial External Jam.
Krasilshchikov, M. ; Bartenev, V. ; Sypalo, K. ; Kozorez, D.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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Navigation integrated system development for GEO/HEO satellites is under consideration. The system will use Earth, Sun, star optical-electronic sensors as well as GLONASS/GPS multichannel receiver as navigational data sources. Design of the system architecture, algorithms and performance should meet preset requirements. The visibility analysis of the GLONAS+GPS satellites demonstrates expediency of deeply integrated architecture of the navigation system, providing required navigation accuracy even when a sufficient constellation, consisting of 4 satellites is not available. A special Kalman filtering algorithm, named as “Scalar modification” is used for data fusion. The set of disturbances includes traditional measurement errors and disturbing factors as well as external artificial jam. The mathematical simulation of the system operation has been used as basic instrument for performances analysis. To implement the simulation process the specific object-oriented software has been developed. The results of simulation strictly prove the opportunity to have navigation accuracy of a satellite in GEO/LEO orbit of: <br>- about 8 sec on period of revolution (3RMS); <br>- between 6 to 30 angular minutes on satellite attitude at maximal level of the artificial jam.