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Control of a Launcher in Atmospheric Ascent with Guardian Maps
Saussié, D. ; Dubanchet, V. ; Gourdeau, R. ; Saydy, L. ; Bérard, C.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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This paper describes the synthesis of a SISO scheduled controller for a launcher vehicle. The problem consists in designing a control law which will be valid on the atmospheric ascent trajectory from time 25 s to time 60 s, while ensuring robustness and performance requirements. Moreover a flexible model with two bending modes is considered, making the problem more challenging. An algorithm based upon guardian maps has been retained in order to find an a priori fixed architecture controller. The algorithm yields a sequence of controllers that ensures that pole confinement constraints are fulfilled for any time between 25 s and 60 s. The user can then interpolate those controllers to find a scheduled controller with respect to time.