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Implementation, Calibration and Verification of a Kalman Filter based Attitude Determination System for the Picosatellite UWE-3
Kiefel, P. ; Busch, S. ; Dröge, W.; Schilling, K.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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Current challenges in the research field of very small satellites comprise the realization of accurate miniaturized Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS). Their application pave the way for attitude sensitive experiments, in particular to realize distributed, cooperating spacecraft systems. Although picosatellites inhere extraordinary mechanical restrictions and limited power budget, the picosatellite UWE-3 will be capable of determining its attitude in real time. Therefore measurements of magnetic field, sun direction and angular rate are combined with reference models like IGRF using an isotropic Kalman Filter. A single miniaturized reaction wheel in combination with magnetic stabilization will constitute a low mass attitude control system. To enable the robust development of this subsystem a dynamic test bench providing precise reference data for calibration and verification becomes essential. While traditional test facilities are typically complex and expensive, the utilization of small satellites entails new opportunities for innovative and economic designs. The UWE-3 dynamic bench facility was developed to enable efficient and precise calibration and verification of ADCS for picosatellites. The portable and lightweight platform allows the design of automated fixed axis spin experiments in any arbitrary user-defined environments. This supports the computation of accurate geometric and statistical calibration data as an essential input for the ADCS to enable sensor calibration, Kalman Filter tuning and system verification.