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New Approach on Orbit Determination with Non-singular Variables
Jo, J.H. ; Park, I.K.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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To propagate and analyze perturbed orbits, the non-singular orbital elements in many forms have been used since Gauss era. The solutions of the Lagrange planetary equation with several types of non-singular orbital elements have been introduced and widely used in satellite orbit related field. Even with specific condition (singular), Lagrange planetary equation with non-singular orbital elements can represent perturbed orbits better than same equation with classical Keplerian orbital elements does. However, direct determination of non-singular orbital element from the observation of satellite has not been explored often. In this study, a new method to determine an orbit with non-singular variables is sought and reviewed. The transformation from observation to new variables is rearranged and compared with classical method.