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Design and Qualification of AOCS Equipments for Small Satellites
Calzolaio, D ; Battilana, M ; Marotta, M ; Corbo, S ; Fusco, G ; Caruso, G
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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The development of AOCS equipments targeted for low-cost small LEO satellites is nowadays driven by the need to comply with requirements more and more demanding (above all for performances) while keeping low the consumption of resources (mass, power, cost), with a schedule typical of this class of missions. The ANTARES Consortium, led by Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio (CGS, an OHB Technology Company), has acknowledged this demand and therefore it is carrying on the qualification process for newly developed Reaction Wheels, Magnetic Torquerods and Gyro Unit (three dimensional angular rate measurement unit, based on COTS gyros by LITEF). The aim is dual: produce internally baselined equipments to be used for the satellites of CGS as well as to condense the experience gained in decades of activity in the space field into offthe- shelf products to be proposed on the market.