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High-Precision Attitude Determination and Control of the EUCLID Spacecraft: Challenges and Solutions
Winkler, S. ; Ergenzinger, K. ; Ott, T. ; Wilhelm, R. ; Zaunick, E.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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The ESA M-class candidate mission EUCLID requires spacecraft high-precision attitude determination and control to ensure science performance at system level. To challenge both: (1) a huge number of small angle step manoeuvres (50, 100 arcsec, 0.7 deg) to map the extragalactic sky, and (2) an AOCS relative pointing error requirement of up to <12 mas (1sigma, 700 s) about telescope/instrument cross-boresight axes during scientific ob-servation, the AOCS is a key element of the EUCLID spacecraft and mission. The paper focus on an appropri-ate attitude determination and control solution for EUCLID to achieve these challenging requirements as part of the current phase A study status at Astrium Satellites (Germany).