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Modeling of Satellite Dynamics with Uncertainties
Guy, N. ; Cumer, Ch. ; Alazard, D. ; Charbonnel, C.
Presented at:
Karlovy Vary 2011
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In this paper we present a new formulation of the satellite model aimed at minimal and more physical uncertainties modelling. Instead of considering uncertainties on the appendage total mass, it is more judicious and realistic to incorporate uncertainties on the appendage residual mass. This trick allows uncertainties on modal participation factors to be taken into account without generating non-physical configurations. The proposed formulation can also handle pivot joins between appendages and the main body with the proposed formulation. To demonstrate the validity of the method an academic but representative spring/masses system is used. First developments have been implemented under Matlab/Simulink, exploiting the LFR toolbox [12]. The idea is to build an Uncertain Satellite Dynamic Toolbox, which allows to automatically generate the complete uncertain model of any satellite with several appendages.