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GNSS Goes LEON - A LEON-2 Based GNSS Receiver for Space Applications
Kuehl, C.T.F., Mittnacht, M., Krauss, P.A., Heim, J., Gottzein, E.
Presented at:
Tralee 2008
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The Advanced GPS/GLONASS ASIC (AGGA) augmented by a digital signal processor (DSP TSC21020 from ATMEL) is the core element of a GPS receiver developed under ESA contract in 2002 for attitude and orbit determination of satellites (AODS) [1]. The present development of a future GNSS receiver for Galileo and modernized GPS is based on a next generation GNSS core (supporting e.g. GPS, Galileo, COMPASS) and a powerful LEON-2 processor architecture, both combined in a single ASIC. As a major milestone towards this goal the TSC21020 as used in the space-qualified MosaicGNSS Receiver [3] is replaced by the LEON-2 and the AGGA-2 is used for correlation of the GPS signal. The paper will discuss the experience gained with a fully operational setup, showing the constraints, lessons learned, and results of experiments.