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SiREUS - Status of the European MEMS Rate Sensor
Durrant, D., Crowle, H., Robertson, J., Dussy, S.
Presented at:
Tralee 2008
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During 2007-08 the MEMS Rate Sensor (MRS) development has progressed rapidly through the Flight Model design phase and implementation of an early flight unit that has already been installed on the Cryosat 2 spacecraft as a Flight Experiment (FExp). In parallel with this unit development the key MEMS detectors have been updated based on experience from the prototype batch to initiate a route towards long term detector production. Using lessons learnt from the FExp manufacture, assembly and test FM updates have been implemented and a unit EQM programme initiated. This paper presents an overview of the MRS development including the key sensor features, unit architecture and FExp implementation. The key test results from the FExp are presented leading to predicted EQM performance. The migration of the MRS into the SiREUS product is presented as well as potential future developments.