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Development of High Performance Fiber Optical Gyro Inertial Reference Unit (FOG-IRU) for Satellite Applications
Mitani, S., Ishijima, Y., Suzuki, H., Oono, A., Miyahara, Y., Okikura, H., Sakai, S., Toda, T., Hashimoto, T.
Presented at:
Tralee 2008
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For future advanced Earth observation or astronomy missions, an inertial reference unit (IRU) having high accuracy, a wide dynamic range, a long useful lifetime, and high reliability is required. The fiber optic gyro (FOG) is a strong candidate to fulfill those requirements: it has already been applied widely to satellites. We have been developing a high-performance FOG inertial reference unit (FOG-IRU) for use in future satellites. This paper describes the architecture and design results of the FOG-IRU. In addition, it presents a summary of performance test results and analyses of gyrosÂ’ critical items: angle random walk, scale factor, and bias repeatability.