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Sunsensors and the Limits of Scalability
De Boom, C.W., Leijtens, J.
Presented at:
Tralee 2008
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There is a lack of small and affordable attitude sensors for ?-satellites. Standardisation to “commercial off-the-shelf” equipment is a means to reduce sensor cost, but does not lead to physically smaller sensors. Micro-nano-technology (analogous to wafer fab) can pave the way to smaller and cheaper attitude sensors. TNO is involved with research and application programs for miniaturization of sensors. Mini-sized sun sensors are already produced for in-orbit demonstration and operational tasks. In the mean time technology development is on-going for future analog and digital micro-sensor concepts for sun sensing and for sensor system integration. This paper addresses TNO’s approach and will give examples of existing and future mini- and micro sensors for attitude measurement.