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Development of highly adaptive reaction wheels for geostationary and high agility satellites
Friedrich Bartels, Christian Raschke, Eric Desplats
Presented at:
Sopot 2023
Full paper:

The RW6000 is the first wheel of Astrofein's newly developed family of smart high-momentum reaction wheels that has been fully qualified. The 100 Nms wheel makes use of Astrofein's heritage wheel technologies like the flexible structure concept and smart functions as closed-loop speed and torque control. As all of Astrofein's reaction wheels it is open to the environment (not hermitically sealed). Even if, the wheel is based on exiistng heritage, Astrofein faced several challenges during the development. This included challenges related to qualifying new technologies like the lead-free assembly process for the wheel drive electronics and the identification and qualification of automotive grade EEE parts. But, also scaling effects related to the wheel size were underestimated, like air drag effects during ground testing. Other challenges were mission related. One of these mission related challenges was the development of a critical SW for driving and controlling the wheel. The paper will provide some details on the challenges faced during the development and how they have been solved. Furthermore, it gives details of the key performance parameters of the wheel and the performed qualifications. Finally, it will give an outlook what possible further improvements are planned and how the achievements will be utilized for other wheels in Astrofein's family of high-momentum reaction wheels.