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AIMONS, V&V process update of AOCS OBSW application
Pierre Dandré, Vasco Pereira, Tiago Grossinho, Fabrice Grisi, Anio Beqiri, Ilario Cantiello, Mme Bénédicte Girouart, Davide Oddenino
Presented at:
Sopot 2023
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Automatic code generation (ACG) has become a standard for AOCS applicative software development in replacement of traditional manual specification. Model-based engineering with numerous tools for each step of the process have been developed to refine this newcomer ACG process. AIMONS study aimed at providing a detailed V&V process and framework compatible with automatic code generation of an AOCS application. The steps to reach this goal can be summarized as follows: •Provide Thales Alenia Space lessons learnt from previous programs and subsequent V&V process for AOCS application with use of ACG process, •Experiment the process for the PLATO use case. The SW IVV process of AOCS/GNC systems will be explained, highlighting in particular the specificities introduced when considering automatic code generation compared to the development process of conventional programs. The paper will present the outcome of the study for the definition of a standardized Validation and Verification process and associated framework for AOCS/GNC Flight Software developed with automatic code generation in agreement with ECSS standards. In particular: •Findings on toolboxes experimentation, •Challenges including guidelines verification, perimeter of validation (model vs. code), validation responsibility (AOCS/GNC "vs" SW teams) •Proposed recommendations and the results of the case study: timeline of the different activities compared to the timeline of a typical program, set of deliverables: model, flight code, validation report etc. AIMONS project was carried out and funded by the European Space Agency under contract N° 4000133676. Thales Alenia Space has led the project.