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On-Board Deployment Event Verification for GOES-R Spacecraft
Jim Chapel, Tim Bevacqua, Graeme Ramsey, Russell Gehling, Timothy Rood, Douglas Freesland, Alexander Krimchansky
Presented at:
Sopot 2023
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As is common with many spacecraft designs, the GOES-R vehicles require a series of deployment events to transition from the launch configuration to the operational configuration. Rather than implementing additional sensors to verify various deployments, the GOES-R program developed an alternate approach that uses existing gyro rate sensing. The approach includes two pieces: the first is a new onboard shock detection capability to confirm initiation of individual deployment events, and the second is a ground-based dynamics verification step to confirm completion of deployment events. We first present the algorithm that detects shock events for various deployment devices along with the parameter tuning performed during ground tests. We then show inflight performance of the shock detection algorithm. While shock detection is useful for observing initiation of deployment events, completion of some deployment events cannot be determined by shock detection alone. For these events, such as solar panel latch-up and deployable boom extension, the program developed dynamics models for the deployment transient responses. High-rate gyro data were recorded for these events, which allow the ground team to verify that the appendages were fully deployed. We show the predictive models for these events and corresponding flight results.