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HYDRA Multiple Heads Star Tracker with Enhanced Performances
Blarre, L., Perrimon, N., Piot, D., Oddos-Marcel, L., Martinez, P.E., Dussy, S.
Presented at:
Tralee 2008
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The appearance of a new generation of APS detectors specially designed for Star Sensors use was the opportunity for SODERN to develop a new generation of star trackers. The properties of the new APS detectors allow in themselves significant mass, power and cost benefits, but also permitted to propose a new Star Sensor concept with major breakthrough in performances and robustness. This paper presents the Sensor design and its main features such as the enhanced robustness and autonomy coupled with high accuracy and the ability to cope with very high dynamic conditions. The development approach and simulation tools which permitted to reach these performances are detailed along with the validation process based on a very accurate model of the sensor cross checked with test results obtained on the engineering model.