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Study of an Orbital Transition Scenario to NRHO Considering Rendezvous of Two Spacecraft
Yuki Matsumoto, Toru Yamamoto, Satoshi Ueda, Daisuke Goto
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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There are multiple ways to transfer from Earth to the Near-Rectilinear Halo Orbit (NRHO), which is the candidate orbit for the new lunar space station. Of these orbits, those with a weak stability boundary (WSB) needs only a low transition ?V, so it is optimum for unmanned transport vehicles. Generally, a rocket with low launch capability cannot complete a mission with only one spacecraft, so the feasibility of using two spacecraft remains to be evaluated. Although the design of an orbit with a WSB is under study, the scenario that assumes a rendezvous in the near Earth has not been considered. In this paper, we propose a scenario in which two spacecraft rendezvous in Earth orbit and then transfer orbit to NRHO via WSB using a rocket with low launch capability.