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REVLANGNC: Terminal Entry and Landing GNC Flight Demonstrator for Re-Usable Re-Entry Vehicles
Alina Ionita, Andrei Cojocaru, Andrei Tarabic, Ionut Grozea, Gabriele De Zaiacomo, Luis Garcia Basabe, Paulo Rosa, Celia Yabar Valles, Elio Zaccagnino
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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The current interest in reducing the cost of space transportation systems has led to a considerable focus on developing different technologies that enable reusability. So far, the reusability concepts have been materialized into: i) reusable re-entry vehicles and ii) the recovery of system components, such as the launch vehicle?s fairing, or stages/boosters. Autonomously operating parafoil systems are considered as adequate means that can precisely and safely descend and land different spacecraft or spacecraft components to a wide range of ground areas. In this context, DEIMOS Space has the objective of further developing and maturing GNC technologies for Descent and Landing (D&L) that could be applied to future European space applications. Building on REVLANSYS, a previous DEIMOS-ESA activity, in the REVLANGNC project the design of innovative GNC solutions for parafoils is consolidated taking into account reference scenarios fully representative of future space applications.