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Development, Tests and Results of Onboard Image Processing for JUICE
Gregory Jonniaux, Pascal Regnier, Roland Brochard, Matthieu Le-Goff, Jeremy Lebreton, Daniele Gherardi
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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The image processing (IP) is part of the Enhanced Attitude Guidance through Limb Extraction (EAGLE) autonomous navigation of JUICE consists in providing the position of the spacecraft relatively to a Moon by recovering of the limb?s position in the NavCam images during the flybys. As the visual environment of the jovian moons as seen by the NavCam is not perfectly known, the performance of the IP has been thoroughly evaluated according to the Validation plan. It consisted of real-sky tests on the Moon, tests on simulated images and with an optical stimulator. All these tests allowed the validation of the IP for autonomous pointing of JUICE during the jovian satellites flybys.