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Real-Time Combined Control for Active Debris Removal for a Satellite with a Robot arm Implemented on a SBC Connected to a Detailed Multi-Physics and VR Simulation
Matthias Reiner
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
Full paper:

Within a recent project of ESA together with DLR-SR, an implementation for a real-time combined control setup for a satellite with a robot arm was developed, which is running on a single board computer (SBC) connected to a detailed multi-physics and virtual reality (VR) simulation. The combined controller simultaneously operates both the seven-axis robot arm and the 6 DOF satellite. The controller is implemented as an advanced robust discrete H_inf controller with an online trajectory planning for use within an active debris removal (ADR) scenario. For the tuning of the controller a multi-stage optimization is used to optimize the weighting filters of the loop-shaping design. The optimization takes linear criteria, such as stability, phase margin and gain roll-off as well as nonlinear system performance criteria into account. The real-time implementation also includes the inverse kinematics for the seven-axis robot arm. The SBC is coupled to a powerful desktop PC where the main model-in-the-loop (MIL) simulator and a VR visualization are running. The overall system can give the user a detailed insight into an ADR scenario.