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Modelling and Attitude Control Design for Autonomous In-Orbit
Christelle Cumer, Mathieu Rognant, Jean-Marc Biannic, Clement Roos
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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This paper presents the developments carried out to model the evolution of the satellite dynamics, during the autonomous in-orbit assembly of the primary mirror of its large telescope. These tools are key developments for the demonstrator of In-Space Assembly in Simulation (dISAS) of the H2020 project PULSAR (acronym for ?Prototype of an Ultra Large Structure Assembly Robot?). For reasons of consistency between simulation tools and control law design tools, SPART was chosen and was extended to take into account flexibility. The generated models are used for the design of the attitude controller, which must ensure a pointing accuracy specification despite the inertia variations, the flexibility of the overall spacecraft and the torque perturbations generated by the robotic arm motions.