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Automatic Code Generation of GNC Software for Spacebus Neo
Pierre Dandre, Michel Chevallier, Pablo Lopez Negro, Tiago Grossinho
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
Full paper:

This paper presents the experience feedback of the automatic code generation used during the GNC software development of Spacebus Neo. The autocode framework is based on MathWorks Simulink development environment, internal tools and guidelines derived from previous programs experience and trade-off studies benchmarking different implementation architectures. This framework enabled to meet stringent time constraints for the GNC software delivery with almost no bug at software validation and functional chain validation levels, and is retained as the standard for the new GNC developments at Thales Alenia Space. The automatic code generation perimeter on Spacebus Neo includes the GNC manager (TM/TC definition and execution, GNC phase definitions and transitions management) and GNC functions. This framework has been used on Spacebus Neo for the development of four GNC applications and a library of about 100 GNC functions.