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Independent V&V of the Exomars 2022 Cruise GNC, through Analytical Techniques, Simulation-based Analyses and Tests
Cristina Recupero, N. Silva, A. Pagano
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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This paper presents an overview of DEIMOS activities, together with SENER as subcontractor, within the ExoMars 2020 program. DEIMOS is the prime contractor for the independent V&V activities, supporting the analysis and verification of the Cruise Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC). The Validation & Verification (V&V) campaign has ensured, to the maximum extent possible, that the Cruise GNC could adequately control the SpaceCraft (S/C), and hence that the Descent Module (DM) accomplishes its objective of reaching the separation point with the required accuracy. The outcomes of the independent analysis, materialized as simulation reports and performance assessments, allows the customer to early identify possible bugs and unexpected problems, timely taking the necessary actions to ensure the adequate quality of the GNC product. Finally, the Software (SW) simulation framework (Cruise GNC Functional Engineering Simulator) enabled the efficient selection and investigation of test cases whilst maximizing functional coverage, to support the definition of the test cases to be executed on the System Avionics Test Bench (ATB).