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Computational Guidance & Navigation for Bearings-only Rendezvous - Methods and Outcomes of GUIBEAR
Pedro Serra, Pedro Lourenco, J. Branco, J. F. Briz Valero, M. Mammarella, T. Peters, D. Mora Portela, S. Manara, D. Bernardini, A. Bemporad, P. Foglia Manzillo, J. Witteveen, A. Cropp
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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GUIBEAR is an activity supported by the European Space Agency aimed at the demonstration of the feasibility of bearings-only (B-O) far-range rendezvous in near rectilinear Halo orbits (NROs). The studied scenario is the far-range rendezvous of the HERACLES Lunar Ascent Element (LAE) with the Lunar Orbital Platform ? Gateway (LOP-G) that is orbiting the Moon in an NRO. This activity advances the readiness level of the applicable technologies through a solution based on Computational GNC, structured around a Model Predictive Control framework and tools; and an approach design, development, verification and validation based on iterative prototyping which integrates high-fidelity hosting considerations into the design from a preliminary level: concurrent GNC and software architecture design with hosting, runtime assessment and optical high-fidelity simulations. This paper: presents the context ? mission, system and hosting, and algorithm level challenges and proposed concepts; details and justifies the architecture and design solutions; outlines the methodologies employed for prototyping verification and validation; provides conclusions on the obtained results.