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Auriga Star Tracker OneWeb and ANGELS Flight Heritage
Damien Piot, Remy Charavel, Marc Maksimous, Pierre-Yves Bretecher, Edouard Jeanmougin, Yann Charront
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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On February 27th 2019, twelve Auriga CMOS star trackers were successfully launched aboard the inaugural set of six satellites for the Airbus OneWeb Satellites constellation. Nowadays, 364 Auriga nominally operate on the OneWeb constellation cumulating more than 2 million hours in space. In addition, the Standalone version with the optical heads equipped with an electronic unit was launched on December 18th 2019 aboard CNES ? Hemeria 12U nano-sat ANGELS. This paper presents in-flight results of this in orbit demonstration on ANGELS with accuracy verification and lost-in-space acquisition capabilities. Optical environment such as stray light, Moon in the field of view is also analyzed with comparison with predicted values from ground-tests with telemetries from OneWeb. With its low mass, small size, high performance, & robust attitude determination, its production in large volumes with short lead times, Auriga is the reference star tracker for small satellites and constellations. Auriga star tracker has been already selected by 12 primes and 1250 Auriga have been delivered.