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MAUS and IBIS the Jalapeno?S Under the Sunsensors
Johan Leijtens, Dick Broekmans
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
Full paper:

The IBIS (short for Intensity Based Image Sensor) Sunsensor is a small digital Sunsensor currently under development in frame of an ESA Artes contract. Based on an application specific CMOS sensor, the sensor combines albedo insensitivity with low power operation and a high radiation tolerance. As such, it will be a small but very potent sensor to which a parallel with the Jalapeno pepper can be drawn. In frame of the IBIS developments, some demonstrators had to be designed. As these demonstrators were based on the use of a nano-D connector, this led to a very low-profile setup which for the time being has been transformed into a low profile analogue Sunsensor. This MAUS Sunsensor is small enough to be accommodated on a CubeSat and with a reliability better than any other CubeSat component. The presentation will focus on the development status of both the IBIS and the MAUS products.