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ARIETIS and ARIETIS-NS, New Highly Competitive Gyro Solutions for Space Applications
Raouia Oubellil, Jose Beitia, Alberto Torasso, Romain Diram, Nicolas Potel, Steeve Kowaltschek
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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InnaLabs? Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscope technology is gaining significant traction within the space community as ARIETIS Rad-Hard gyro has now been selected for prestigious missions such as PLATO or LSTM (Copernicus), and ARIETIS-NS Rad-tolerant gyro has become a critical component for new disruptive AOCS platforms in LEO and GEO, including constellations and mega-constellations. This early success shows that InnaLabs space products offer a credible pathway to a low cost, all made-in Europe (ITAR free), and short lead-time new gyro solution fitting well with the medium accuracy segment. To achieve this, several targeted enhancements and optimisations to InnaLabs gyroscope's design have been introduced, mainly in the component selection, the control loops, the compensation algorithms, and a smaller Sensing Element design. This paper describes how these enhancements have been implemented. This includes the design of these products, and the most recent tests results at breadboard level while the development activities are still progressing in parallel towards product qualifications in Q1 2022 for ARIETIS-NS and Q3 2022, for ARIETIS.