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ASTRIX NS : a New Ixblue Fiber Optic Gyroscope Offering Accuracy and Reliability at a Fraction of their Historical Cost
Jean-Jacques Bonnefois, Antoine Bonnet, Matthieu Collignon, Guillaume Lecamp, Christophe Ollivier, Alex Sekeriyan, Saloomeh Shariati
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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We present a new, fully European space gyroscope dedicated to new space needs: compactness, competitivity, production in large quantity, multi-role and without compromising on reliability and performance. Astrix NS is a three-axis fiber optic gyroscope. It is based on two major iXblue heritages: space equipment production, including the Astrix range developed in partnership with Airbus, and iXblue naval gyroscope mass production. Indeed, iXblue FOG technology has a legacy of more than 6 000 000 hours of cumulated time in-orbit without incident nor significant ageing. Astrix NS is a 100x100x100mm equipment weighing 1,1 to 1,5 kg depending on the required radiation shielding. Thanks to the FOG technology, it offers high inertial performances with an ARW at 5m?/?h and even down to 2.5m?/?h, a scale factor stability at 200 ppm and a stable bias. It is suited for the LEO, MEO and GEO orbits with 15 years guaranteed lifetime including an EOR phase. Moreover, its short production lead time makes this equipment perfectly suited for large volume production required by constellation market.