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Newton CMG Package, Making Control Momentum Gyroscopes Cluster Control as Easy as Wheels
Anthony Pepoz, Jeremie Chaix, Thomas Pareaud, Aurelien Dupuis, Simon Armand, Damien Fruchard
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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Spacecraft manoeuvrability is a key design aspect of agile spacecraft missions, which mostly relies on large torque and angular momentum actuator capacities, such as Control Momentum Gyroscopes (CMG) actuators. Since the early 2000s, Airbus-DS SAS developed with CNES and ESA support, a family of CMG for a large range of space applications, mostly targeting agile missions. Today, we are presenting our new product that simplifies the integration and use of CMG cluster at spacecraft level: the Newton CMG package. Contrary to a classic CMG cluster, the Newton CMG package directly includes the steering laws controlling the CMG cluster, increasing the level of service and reducing the risk for customers. With it, it becomes easy to transition from a wheel-based, standard AOCS satellite to a CMG-based, agile AOCS. In this paper, the following aspects will be detailed: the Newton package main principles, the equipment architecture and the system integration and operations. These three items are detailed furthermore below.