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FaintStar - An Intelligent Single-Chip Sensor Head for STRs - Evaluation Results
Werner Ogiers, M.Dendoncker, L.S.How, S.Kowaltschek, C.Bringer
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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FaintStar is a radiation-tolerant one megapixel image sensor for use in star trackers and navigation cameras. The sensor combines various readout modes with on-chip 'pixels-to-centroids' image processing and SpaceWire interfacing The FaintStar development contract started in 2012 with company CMOSIS, and was continued with company AMS after the latter's acquisition of CMOSIS in 2015. In a first phase a prototype chip, FaintStar1, was developed and characterised for electro-optical and radiation performance. A report was presented at GNC 2017. FaintStar2 was subsequently designed as a drop-in for FaintStar1, but with some optimisations to the pixels and to its image data format and interfacing. FaintStar2 silicon arrived in April 2018. 174 devices were built to flight standard. From this lot were picked 55 devices for evaluation testing and 54 devices for screening, some of the latter intended qualification-level testing. Screening, including stabilisation bake, temperature cycling, burn-in, leak testing, X-ray and visual inspection was finished in October 2019. Burn-in brought no drift of parameters. Evaluation testing ended in Fall 2020, with fine results for all test categories, including mechanical, environmental, endurance, electrical, radiation, and assembly capability. There were no non-conformities pertaining to the component's performance or reliability.