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Astrone - GNC for Enhanced Surface Mobility on Small Solar System Bodies
Maurice Martin, Frederik Belien, Bangshang Liu, Jan Olucak, Fabian Schimpf, Thomas Bruggemann, Albert Falke, Vasko Sazdovski, Valerij Chernykh, Klaus Janschek, Walter Fichter, Roger Forstner
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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Recent lander concepts for small solar system bodies (SSSBs) under low-gravity environments close to the surface are limited to a relatively small exploration area. To overcome the limited range, a novel mobility concept for enhanced surface mobility is presented. The idea is to utilize a quadcopter-based spacecraft design to potentially hover in low altitude over the whole surface of the SSSB. Based on identified system drivers for a given reference mission scenario (MRS), a system design for the GNC is derived. Solution approaches are detailed for the particular challenges of the GNC components. The capabilities of the GNC design are demonstrated by simulation for one scenario of the overall MRS. The developed mobility concept and the corresponding GNC design enables to significantly increase the potential scientific return of future SSSB missions.