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Robust Control for Reusable Rockets via Structured H? Synthesis
Marco Sagliano, Taro Tsukamoto, Ansgar Heidecker, Jose Maces Hernandez, Stefano Fari, Markus Schlotterer, Svenja Woicke, David Seelbinder, Shinji Ishimoto, Etienne Dumont
Presented at:
Virtual Conference 2021
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This paper discusses the problem of synthesizing robust controllers for reusable rocketsduring the aerodynamic descent phase. Emphasis is given to a well-established subset ofmethods, specifically robust control techniques based on the H concept. A thorough?description of how this family of methods can be used for the descent phase of reusablerockets is provided, together with a comparison of the full- and structured-version of H?methods. The methodology, the problem faced and the performance that can be obtainedare discussed. Some results are shown for CALLISTO, a reusable rocket demonstrator jointly developed by DLR, JAXA, andCNES.